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Sunday, September 7, 2008

The kids at Miranda Lamberts Concert at SeaWorld!!

Well as you can see the kids had a great day. Aside from Ethan. He said he was bored. I not sure what excites him but a hot blonde on stage singing doesn't! Anyway, The pictures were Miranda is sitting down singing and reaching into the crowd, yeah she is holding Hannah and Sami's hand. I guess when she went to sing a slow song called "Desperation" she sat right down in front of Hannah and asked her if she could sit there and of course Hannah said yes, and then took Hannah's hand and sang the whole song holding her hand! Hannah is beside herself. At one point she held the microphone out to the crowd and Hannah damn near took it out of her hand and started singing it. I guess Miranda thought it was pretty funny and told Hannah she was impressed that she could sing her song. Sami was so star struck it was funny. She said Mom, she shook my hand and sat and sang right in front of us. She even took Sami's hat off which said "Sturgis" and said I love your hat. Then The little dolphin came around and Miranda started laughing and got the whole audience to go OHHHHH! at Elijah when he hugged him. Then Miranda said come up here and I will give you a hug too! So needless to say fun was had by all. I was at home sleeping off all the medication given to me before I left the hospital. I wish I could have gone but it didn't happen. Chris took them and they had fun and that is all that matters. The guitar and pianist autographed stuff for the kids and gave Sami another guitar pick! He told her to keep rocking!!!:) I am sure Sami will.

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