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Monday, September 1, 2008

Hurricane Gustav update from us!

First I know you all have seen the news and are watching closely to the storm updates. Its all that is on here in Texas!!! Anyway, we should be fine. We have got ton at last report close to 35,000 evacuee's in San Antonio. President Bush is here and will be here till the storm is over. He is overseeing the shelters etc... to my understanding. Yes, we will we get high winds and rain as early as Tuesday, YES!!! However, seems how the storm did not track west like last thought yesterday Texas will not be hit as hard as New Orleans obviously. We know bases in Alabama and Mississippi have evacuated also. The ones closet to the coast like Kiesler in Mississippi. Chris is on stand by to be activated for resource help. I am just praying for safety and for all those people running from the storm and for the homes they have rebuilt. Goodness, can New Orleans take much more???? We will keep you updated as it progress for us here. I have candles and water and Chris and I are ready. We are getting used to all these Hurricanes let me tell ya! Its another whole world for us here. Never wanted to live in Florida for this reason. However, thank goodness we are not directly on the coast! Thanks for all the emails and phone calls. We are going to be fine I am sure. Houston however might get hit not directly but some severe flooding. So keep all people involved in your prayers.

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