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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy 7th Birthday Hannah!


Well, we missed being able to celebrate Chris's 36th Birthday yesterday, but we managed to go and get a cupcake cake with Bratz on it and take them to Hannah's class and celebrate her turning 7 years old today! She was so excited and got a hat from teacher and they all sang Happy Birthday to her and she got a chance to introduce her Nana who came from Chicago just for her birthday! Nana arrived late last night and the kids were asleep so this morning when they woke up she was here to greet them and were so excited to see her and gave big hugs and kiss's and that is when we let Hannah open her Birthday cards from Nana, Papaw, and Uncle Jay were she got $100 bucks! Plus Grandma Eddy and Poppa sent her $50 for her birthday! Shoot, I need a loan???? Anyway, she opened one present from us and off to school she went. Tonight we are going to Chuck e Cheese for her birthday dinner and Saturday Nana is taking all the kids to Six Flags, Fiesta Texas to treat Hannah for her birthday and spend time and have fun with the kids. We too will be going but it will be hard for me because I will be wanting to be unpacking and getting box's out of the way. Anyway, My Hannah is 7 now and growing up too. Her teacher told me when we were talking watching the kids all eat that she can't get over how she is so much bigger than the other kids and very mature for her age. I said "Yes, she is and always has been" she said well your husband said this morning when I said " Wow, she is 7 already?" Your husband responded "Hannah has been 7 for along time!" Ain't that the truth")! Then she said well I wanted to ask you all if you considered putting her in the Gifted Program. She is way ahead of her classmates and she is such a good helper and I think she would benefit from it. Sami all over again is all I could think to myself, but I said sure go ahead and set up the test for her. So she is. My dad called earlier and said to my mom that he can't believe she is 7 already! Yes, they grow up fast! Happy Birthday Hannah, We Love You!!!
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