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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ethan, Hannah, and Elijah 2nd, 1st Day of School this Year!!


Well last friday was the kids last day of school at Ott Elementary because we were moving. They started school at Lackland ISD on Monday as we started the packing process. Ethan got Ms. Porales who was Sami's teacher last year, and Elijah got Mrs. Garcia who was Hannah's Kindergarten teacher last year also. Hannah got a teacher we didn't know but she is super nice and her name is Mrs. Nelms. Ethan's friends all greeted him with big smiles and high fives and as Ethan entered the gym for P.E. he said his friends said " Its return of Ethan!" Ethan being the jokester that he is pretend he was a Jedi from Star Wars and held up his pretend light saber and made the sound of it turning on and started slaying all his friends repeating "Luke, I am your Father!" Yes, that is my kid! Hannah friends screamed at a octive that hurt even my ears when they seen her. All the girls were jumping up and down and Hannah began walking down the line to give each one of them a hug. Just like a politician. Elijah actually remembered some of his friends from Pre-K. He was only there for 3 weeks so we were surprised to see how many kids were like "Hi, Elijah. Your back!" Elijah was more than happy to give them all high fives and a thumbs up with a resounding "You bet I am!" Sami was already going to school on base at Stacey Jr/Sr High School which is right behind the elementary school. So now they are all settled and getting into the new routines of new class rules and trying to catch up with the other kids in school work there. However, they are, and as we drag in every night late and help with homework and get showers and finally get to bed, lets just say the alarm is going off way to fast and all of us are very tired come 6am every morning.
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