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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cori has been in the hospital for past 2 days


I just wanted to let everyone know I am out of the hospital. I got out late Saturday afternoon, came home long enough to see Chris and the kids off to SeaWorld to go see Miranda Lambert live in concert and off to bed I went. Last week I caught what the kids had.The stomach flu. Well with my pre existing conditions when I get the flu its not the same. It sent my body into a tail spin of some of the most incredible pain and none stop vomiting. A friend of mine took me to the hospital and after and I kid you not by this number (12) sticks in the ER they got a IV started. Then a huge stomach attack started because the stupid nurse gave me morphine which I told them not to. It sent me into have one of the worst stomach attacks I have ever had. That caused my friend to freak out because I was screaming in pain and the nurse's and Doctors to hurry in and start pumping me full of drugs thru the iv and my hip to get everything to stop. It worked for a time. Then come to find out it might be my appendix. In the ct scan machine I went. Nope not my appendix. So now we have been in ER for 9 hours and they say "do you want to go home?" Sure, I will go get sleep there. I get up and start throwing up black stuff and they still try to send me home. My friend and a helper try to walk me to the pharmacy to get my med's and out to the car. This is were Cori checked out and everyone else filled me in on what happened. I guess another attack happened in the middle of a hallway and I could barely walk. I was swaying back and fourth telling the guy who was trying to help me up that I needed to sit down I didn't feel so good. My friend said she heard a thump and looked behind her and I had collapsed. A Lt.Colonel and a Staff Sergent seen me collapsed while my friend ran to go get a wheel chair. Upon her arrival back the Lt.Colonel began to yell at my friend for leaving me in the middle of the hallway like this. Poor girl, she was only trying to get a wheel chair for me. So they all get me up and back to check in at the ER, were the Lt. Colonel tells them that I don't have to be rechecked back in because they tried to send me home like this and they better take care of me! So they did. They put me back on a gurney and wheeled me off and my friend ran home to wake up Chris and her own kids to get them all of for school. The next thing I can remember is waking up in a hospital room with Chris sitting reading a magazine next to my bed. It was late morning. I was in and out all day. I really didn't wake up again till 2:30am when I got tired of all the lights coming on and off and sharing a room with 3 old women who can't breathe and crying out and this and the other thing. SO I got up, found my hospital pants and robe and started walking the hallways with what change Chris had left me to get something to drink and a small snack because I am a little hungry now. The nurse's see me and are like Holy Cow get back to bed! I am like UM NO, I can't sleep with all that noise in there and I am fine and hungry. They were amazed at how I was up and walking and talking and coherent enough to do so after not being for 1 day. Its amazing how quickly the body heals its self. Then came a shower and feeling refreshed and the early morning blood drawls. Yeah in total I had 22 sticks with a needle and my arms are black and blue to the point where the nurse took a picture to put up and to send to lab about how they need to be more careful with patients who don't have the good veins. The doctors all come in and are all surprised to see me up dressed hair and makeup done at 7am and one of the men said I had no idea you looked so pretty?????????? What the???? I was sick you idiot. Like I cared what I looked like. So they began to tell me what was wrong. I caught a virus which exacerbated underlying causes in my body. Meaning it set my Rheumatoid Arthritis off on a Tessi and my Fibro. Not to mention being given wrong med's set off the stomach attack that attacked my bowel and caused me to be vomiting black. My blood test showed that my enzymes were everywhere and I had literally no potassium in my body at all. NOT GOOD if I want to keep my heart beating. So they pumped 8 bags of potassium into me along with making me take 4 horse pills of the stuff plus I had no trace of vitamin D or B or B12 either. Also not good for the body to operate right. They actually thought my kidneys were shutting down! They had all come up to tell me that I was going to be have test done all day on my kidneys and to find out if I was in renal failure to get me on a machine as soon as possible. Not cool at all. They all laughed at me and said " Your like the comeback kid, you take a beating and keep on ticking". I just laughed and said no but I have 4 kids at home to think about and nothing like that is going to happen. SO after a couple more shots and pills to take and pictures Chris was able to take me home. I came home and seen the off to the show and went to bed. In my bed with peace and quit and no interruptions for vitals and screaming old women and IV tubing to wrapped up in. My arms are so sore from being stuck. I even woke up at one point with 2 IV's in my feet! They couldn't find a good vein left in my arms. That is how crazy being out like that is. I had no memory of them doing that to me. Oh well, I am better and tired and feel worn out and it will take me some time to get back up and running but I am home. I just wanted you all to know.
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