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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska is Now the New VP Nominee!!!!

First off all I can say is YEAH!!!!!!!!!! What a great choice for VP of the United States. I am so excited about this. After living in Alaska for the past 4 years Chris and I knew a lot about her. She was the Major of Wasilla out in the Valley as most Alaskans call it and was always in the public eye fighting for the rights of Alaskans and the state itself. Then she ran for Governor and won by a landslide. Chris and I were two of her votes!!!! We love her and today's announcement was awesome to hear and see and watch.

Sarah Palin is a native Alaskan. Her husband Todd works on the oil pipeline and all her children have been born in Alaska. When elected she had 4 children and since we have been gone has had baby #5. A baby boy with down syndrome. Yet, threw it all she is still standing and now the New Republican VP Nominee. How exciting is that?!

Sarah Palin is a great choice. She has come under a lot of scrutiny since being announced. Especially about her experience as VP. First let me start off by saying this. Obama's experience is exactly the same as hers! Yet, he is running for president. So I am sure with that in mind maybe that will help opinion on that issue. Yes, is experience a must, of course. Does McCain have way more than Obama? Heck, Yeah! Between the two of them McCain and Palin I see a great ticket to vote for.

Sarah Palin along with McCain are huge supporters of the military. They both have very strong pride and honor in what the military does for our country and will protect what little benefits we have left to us. Our Men and Women go off to war as the call of duty (which most people don't even have the guts to do,yet they sit and whine about our country? That makes no sense to me) Anyway if Obama has his way, we are going to yanked out of Iraq before the job is finished and bring the war to our door steps again, like on 9/11. Does anyone want that again? Not to mention when it happens and it will happen, everyone will be screaming for the troops to go over and make it right and there won't be that many to spare beings he plans to cut more than half of the military forces and take away the pay and benefits we rightly deserve by serving our country. No, Obama is not a good choice.

He makes a lot of promises and tells everyone what they want to hear. However, when he takes office you all are going to be in for a long 4 years. As a nation we all are.McCain and Palin will not let us stay over in Iraq longer than necessary. However, they will protect our country and make sure that all the troops and their families are well cared for and benefits due them are given freely. Troops and their families should not have to fight for those rights and they will make sure we don't have too.

Palin is a strong leader, women, mother, ex-model, friend, Governor and VP nominee. She takes no gruff from anyone and does what needs done and gets the job done. She is the first to step forward for the rights of people in general. She has strong family values and a christian back round. She fights for what right.
Sarah Palin is making history. Just like Obama has made history by being the First African American Democratic Nominee, Sarah Palin is the First Female Republican VP Nominee and that is something ladies. All those Hillary Clinton Fans out there who were going to vote for her because she was a women, look no further. You now have a women elect to look up too.
My Parent are over the moon about the her nomination as are friends of ours back in Alaska. Today was a day for all Alaskans to celebrate. We wish we were there to do the same. Chris and I often talk about how we miss Alaska and want to go back. Our kids miss it also. You can't get much more beauty in nature than Alaska. So Now its our turn for the Republican Convention on TV and I look forward to it. I look forward to hearing Sarah Palin give one hell of a speech that is going to bring on some historic events in this election as well. Everyone kept focusing on Obama being a historic figure. Now he has some competition to deal with. Now we have a Presidential Race. I can't wait to vote in November.

For all of you who haven't voted then you get no opinion! Its really that simple. Get out and vote. Its the only way for you to have your voice heard. Vote for whats right, not whats popular for the moment!

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