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Monday, August 25, 2008

Pictures of the Kids First Day of School!


Here are a couple of shots I put into a grid of the kids this morning before heading off to school and of Hannah and Elijah at school. I got one shot of Ethan as he headed up the stairs to go to his class. Read on down on each child and their events of each other's first day of school. If I might just say because I can and because I am their mom, Are they not the best looking kids ever! At least Chris and I did 4 things right in this life if nothing else. Sami, Ethan, Hannah and Elijah are truly our miracle's. We are very proud of all 4 of them and I miss them terribly. I can't seem to stop crying off and on this morning but I am sure it will pass. Its the whole first day thing and my last baby off to school. I really need to find something for me to do with myself, that is for sure! So read on and enjoy with the kids, their first day of school. August 25th! San Antonio, Texas
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