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Monday, August 18, 2008


( sorry so grainy, best we could do at night)

I really am freaked out about this and scared. I as many of you know don't sleep much. Yesterday I cleaned the house and my legs and feet were killing me so I was up. I was also having a huge hot flash so I kept going outside to cool off. At 1am there was nothing on our street in front of our house. At 3am I walked out to this picture. This is a satanic symbol in white chalk pointing at our house!. Chris says it wasn't. They put it in the middle of the road which whatever, I was still freaked out. I ran upstairs grabbed Chris and we went out and took a picture of it. During this we kept hearing this base drum with this whoosh noise. Ok, I am officially freaked out now. So we hurried back in. More me than Chris because he is not at all bothered by it. I make sure everything is locked up and the house alarm is activited. So ofcourse I am scared and worried and don't see sleep in my near future. I am not like Chris and able to lay down, close my eyes and go to sleep. I wish I was but my brain doesn't shut down that easily! Anyway, thank goodness it rained today and its washed away. However, this is such a new upscale neighborhood and this really got my attention needless to say. So I informed my neighbors and showed them were it was at and they too are not at all happy about it and worried about it also. Could it be a teenage prank, yes and I pray so. Could it be more, I hope not. In the meantime, my guard is up and Chris and I are praying over us and our house. So if you could include us in prayers I would be greatful.
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