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Monday, August 25, 2008

The kids first day of riding the bus home!


Well, the bus was late and I was worried. Chris and I figured the whole first day thing and getting everything organized was the issue but 30 minutes late had me worried. However, they got here and got off the bus very happy to see us as we were them. I think this week I will take them to school but if the traffic stays the same (which the teachers told me that it will because they have 1300 students alone at OTT) they might start riding the bus to school next week too. Who knows. I love taking them to school thou. I just don't want them to be late or get a unnecessary tardy because of traffic. Anyway, Everyone had a great first day. TONS OF PAPERWORK FOR US to fill out for all 4 of the kids but, overall a good day. Ethan said he made 4 new guy friends. Which was really good to hear. I looked at him and said "see Ethan, I told you, you would make friends and are a like able guy!" He is like "ok mom" and rolls his eyes. Hannah said she made friends with all the girls in her class but one. "Her name is Samantha mom and she is mean and push's the boys down and the teachers didn't do anything about it." I said " Well,its the first day of school. I am sure they will get her under control soon." Hannah didn't care. Her response was " I am not playing with her mom till she gets nicer!" Ok Hannah. Elijah was so excited and running at a 100 miles an hour telling me about what he did today at school and he say's " Mom, I made all new friends. One girl's name is Lily like Hannah Montana's Friend on the show!" I asked if he knew anyone Else's names " NO, I really can't remember all their names mom, there is to many." I said well give it time, you will know their names soon enough. " Yeah, but mom guess what?" What Elijah " Guess what another word for 12 is?" I said "What is it?" "Its a dozen, isn't that so cool!" I laughed and so did Chris and said "see your learning already." Sami had a great first day of Middle School she said. She got to see all her friends and figured out her class schedule and say's "Yeah, but mom I walked over to school and they wouldn't even let us into our lockers till the bell rang or open the doors for us." I said "Well, probably because they don't want problems before school starts in the hallway's" She looks at me and say's "NO, I think the teachers don't want to work till the bell rings!" Maybe so. Overall thou, they did well and tomorrow brings another day. We will see how that goes. It was over a 100 degrees today so the kids came home hot, and wanting ice cream for a snack and to play at the pool. Well, the got the ice cream but got the slip n slide instead! Dinner to cook, and homework and baths and bed is the order we are following tonight.
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