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Monday, August 25, 2008

Hannah First Day of 1st Grade!

Look at my Hannah all ready to go and happy as can be about going off to 1st Grade! I love her outfit. We bought this but of course never let her put it on till the first day. Well she actually has a denim skirt on under that shirt that match's but its so long you can't see. Oh well, one washing will take care of that I am sure. Anyway, this is her outside her classroom and her with her new teacher Mrs. Anderson. At teacher meet and greet last week, Hannah walked right up to her and hugged her and said to her all confident like " Hi, I am Hannah and I am going to be in your class this year!" She has no fear at all! She is so outgoing and full of personality. This morning as we sat in traffic mind you we live up the road and I sat in traffic for 45 minutes!! Crazy!! Anyway, she walked in and her teacher say's to her, "Oh my Hannah, I just love your curly hair, it so pretty" Hannah being the sweet little 1st grader looks at her and say's "Thanks I like your hair too." She is just so happy to go to school and it shows. However, I was already tearing up and she gives me a hug and kiss goodbye and say's "Mom, don't cry Elijah and I will be fine." Ok, that did it, I was now officially crying.

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Team Cooper said...

She look very cute! :)