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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Chris made it home...

We cleaned the house, took showers, got ready and sat outside waiting for Chris to arrive. Mind you, his plane was due to land at San Antonio Airport at 8:15pm by time he got to his truck and drove home we thought 9:30pm he should be home. The kids played in the street and waited patiently and held their breath everytime a car went by to see if it was Chris. Finally at 10:30pm the kids were starving and I took them to go eat at BK and left a note for Chris. I figured his plane got delayed or something simple. We got home at 11:30 and Still no Chris. Now I was offically worried and thought if something was wrong like him missing a plane or delay's he would have called me. So I called his truck phone and he answers! I am like ok, what is going on? Long story short, plane problems coming out of Virginia. So he didn't get home till midnight. Sami, Ethan, Hannah were still awake but in bed and he went to them all and said hi and goodnight. Elijah woke up this morning to Chris sitting on the coach and in Elijah's a matter of fact tone " Where were you last night Dad? I waited as long as I could and you were late!" Chris said he just laughed at him with his hands on his hips yelling at him. Chris told him " I'm sorry I was late but I am here now, can I have a hug?" Elijah " You had me worried Dad!" and gave him a hug. Ofcourse Hannah has been all over him and not letting him out of her sight and Sami and Ethan well its like " Hi Dad, Bye Dad were going to go play outside." You can tell their getting older. So Chris made them all grilled cheese sandwich's for lunch and we are leaving for SeaWorld Waterpark at 4pm-9pm. Chris and I think 5 hours is plenty of time in the water. We have season pass's and haven't gone in like 2 months because we got burnt out on it for awhile but seems how we can get in free and the kids want to go, we are going!

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