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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another great day for the kids at school.

So, I was gone all day today at the doctors. I dropped the kids off and didn't get home till after 2pm. When I came home I jumped online to check my store and emails. I had 5 emails asking how the kids 2nd day of school went. They did great. Everyone including me was dragging at 6am getting up for school. That is going to be the hard part for awhile for sure. Anyway, Chris and Sami leave at 5:45am to head to base. I am up at 6am if not before to help Sami do her hair then hit the showers. Elijah and Ethan and Hannah were begging me to give them 10 more minutes of sleep. They were so tired. I said "NOPE! I told you last night to go to sleep and you guys wouldn't so up, up, up!" I had to push them out the door today, however traffic wasn't as bad but still bad but we made it and got them to class on time. The road the bus home again and were burning hot when they got off. Its super hot here right now. Anyway, they were all happy and smiling and had a great second day at school. Ethan said he met more friends as did Hannah and Elijah. They each rattled off things they did and Ethan got his first homework assignment as did Elijah! Sami got homework her first day! Her bag was pretty heavy to say the least. Ethan just hasn't been assigned his books yet he said. All is well thou and they did great and we are headed to hump day and we are all looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday! Yes, sad I know but true none the less!:)

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