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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wilford Hall Medical Center Visit

Wilford Hall Medical Center

So this is the big hospital that we were told is just great and the best hospital in the Air Force and moving here to Lackland AFB, was the best thing that could of happened for me medically. Yeah, nooooo. They are closing the doors to Wilford Hall and making everyone go to BAMC, also known as Brooks Army Medical Center. I just think this is such a waste. But then again, that is why I am not in the military. I see fraud, waste and abuse all over the place in military spending but as a dependent do as told.
Anyway, For the first time since we have lived here I have never gone to the ER. Wilford Hall is a full trauma ER, meaning all who come from anywhere in San Antonio go here. Now there are starting to make the transfer over to BAMC. Monday I woke up not feeling well at all. I thought maybe I needed to eat... so I did and hence began my love affair with the toilet. I was throwing up so much I couldn't even keep down water more or less my medication for nausea. So finally at 10pm I had the chills and was shaking so bad and took my pulse and it was very high so I knew I was getting dehydrated. Time to go to the hospital. Chris has been to the ER with Hannah so he knew how it was but the ER is so big I was totally lost in there. After a 3 hour wait, and throwing up 2 more times while waiting to be seen, I get a bed and after 7 sticks a IV started! However, IV's don't bother me. They only hurt when they blow my veins which happened 6 times out of 7. My arms now look like someone beat me up... They gave me IV med's and shots in the hip to get my vomiting to stop and then decided that my migraine was to much to mess with and not give me any drug to calm the migraine that had started with my stomach bug. Of course poor Chris who can't stay up much past 9pm is dying. Its 3am and he is asleep in the chair and the nurse's and doctors are stepping over his legs to get around me. He is out cold! I told them to let him sleep. He is not a night person at all. It was cool thou being there wide awake in the ER. Brought back memories of my hospital days. I so miss working with patients and co-workers. I loved the night shift and got to talking with the floor nurse's and talking hospital talk with them. I wish my body would allow me to go back to that but I know it won't. Anyway, finally at 5am I felt well enough and hydrated enough to go home. After getting one more shot in the hip and having my IV infiltrate in my hand and blow up, I knew I was done. So Chris and I head home and I crash. I slept till like 4pm that afternoon. I still have a small headache that is not going away but its amazing how much better you feel when your not sick at your stomach. The funny thing is I had not left my house except for 2 hours to the commissary the day before in a week. In 2 short hours I caught they worst stomach bug I had, had in a long time. So the lesson here folks. Clean those shopping carts with the wipes they provide and if they don't get out the handy purse size hand sanitizer and goop up! I feel much better today and I am getting the house clean and ready for Ethan's birthday party on Friday. He is very excited and can't wait to go see Tony Hawk!

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