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Monday, July 14, 2008

It's Awwwn!!!!!!!!

Jody and I of course have been on the phone none stop trying to figure out who we like, who is going to team up with who, who we know is going to be the B???? of the show out of the girls, and have been in the chat rooms reading over half a million hits since it aired! Chris started to watch after dark with me and said tell me when it gets interesting, rolled over and went to sleep. I am now setting up Tivo to make sure I never miss a show or any After Dark stuff. Its kinda weird right now. They all know they are on camera, but give them a month and let the count of people go down and they will forget the girl/boyfriends at home and forget the camera is watching! Not only that, soon they will set themselves into groups and the gossip and fights and b???? slapping will start. That's when it gets fun. However, as one girl from NM wrote in the chat room..... Pinky Tascedero (reference to the original movie Greece) needs to go. I bust out laughing and God Love Jody I had to tell her who that was and she goes Cori your older than me remember? Oh yeah, I must being showing my age! Now, let me officially say right now Brian is HOT and so is Memphis! Plus I just love 75 year old Jerry. Both are prior military. Brian is Air Force, Jerry the Marines! East Coast girl is going to throw down with someone watch my words! Muscle Boy and as Chris kindly calls her Boob Girl with the bleach white hair are so stuck on themselves and constantly look at themselves in the mirror's. The mom with the twins one white one black (which Jody had to tell me why being she is the multiple queen) because daddy is white. Oh! The things you learn! Anyway, she is mommy/cook and very high strung and offends easily. I bet she leaves early. So a couple predictions so far, lets see if they come true. So BB Fans Lets see what happens at the Vito on Tuesday night and keep an ear out for someone to slip and say who took the Vito! Oh yeah before I forget, bare with me on the names. I am horrible with them but Chris and I as well as Jody and Kevin give them nicknames and its hard for me to learn the "real" names after we call them their nicknames! I know we all need to get a life. Ours sucks right now anyway, so its fun to see others lives live on TV for 3 months! No phones, TV, newspapers, Internet nothing just each other and what actives they give them. Chris told me as much as Jody and I watch and talk and get a strategy about the show we should try out for it. Believe me, we would love to be on it! Till next time.........

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