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Friday, June 27, 2008

There is always next year!

Today was Chris's test for Master Sergent (Msgt) release date. I first want to say that I am very proud of my husband and all that he does for our family. He always puts us before his career or others. You can't ask for a better man then one who at the drop of a hat is there for us no matter what. Even when his job sometimes calls for him not to be with us physically, he is with us in our hearts. This was Chris's First time testing for Msgt and he studied his butt off. He always takes his tests and goes and high lights everything which is rule #1 in testing I think just about everyone does it. He also bought a program for him to use to study with that helped him make Tsgt (his current rank).Unfortunately, he didn't make it. He is very disappointed because he came out of the test feeling really good about it. He said he knew over 90% of the material. However, there are people in the military with more time and grade that can get the rank easier just because of that. Plus, Chris being the provider wanted to be able to make rank to add income to our home. He is just taking it really hard. More than that he is being to hard on himself. I believe in him and I know that he did the best he could. The good thing is that until he makes it he gets to test once a year for it. I think that is what makes him more upset. He hates that he has to start studying again for when its time for him to test again in 09'! No matter what thou, in our eyes he is our hero and always will be. With God's guidance and prayer and faith I am sure that Chris will make it next time with lots of studying:) So for now we wait and take the test next year. He will no doubt make Msgt someday, that I am sure of! So as the song say's
"I could not ask for more". I love you Chris:)

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