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Friday, March 7, 2008

Chris Test's For Master today for the First TIme!

I remember when we took these pictures when Chris made Tsgt in the Air Force! I remember last April when he hit his 15 year mark in the Military! I remember being so stressed out and fighting and on and on to make Tsgt! However, it seems so long ago at the sametime. Hannah and Elijah were babies. Sami and Ethan were in the cute grades at school. We were still pay check to pay check if even that. We still are! So here we go again....... Chris got his test date of March 7th, 2008 and he has to report at 7:15am and sign in and testing begins at 7:30am. I won't hear from him for hours! He will not call me either because he goes right after testing and starts highlighting his books for the next time he tests in case he doesn't make it. I know, I know.......... The chance of him making Master first time out is small because of all the slacker 18 year Tsgts still trying to make it but that is harsh I know. Can you tell I was raised by Chief Master Sergent/First Sergent Larry Scanlon? I know the ins and outs of the military and I also learn more everytime we got thru something. I learn as the military changes and changes the rules and promotes less and less every year. I learn that even thou Chris did the best he could do after months and months of studing his butt off that if he doesn't make it there is always next year! Now ask me that question next year and hopefully it will be the same. We could sure use the bump in pay. We took a huge finicial hit moving from Alaska to Texas. We lost cola and all my pay at the hospital. To go from having extra money to not and barely making it because we have to live off base and pay rent and all the things that go along with it to be honest really sucks! Here we thought we were going to be made living off base finally. Don't get me wrong. I love the house. I love were we live. I love the area. However, the only difference in prices from Alaska to here was housing costs. Food, gas, clothing, going out to eat(not no more!) I could go on and on still cost the same but we don't get the same pay for it. I will say this..... I am proud of my husband for being in the military and defending our country and our rights to be free as did my father and brother....... I believe what we are doing in Iraq is the right thing. I also thou want our troops to come home and my husband not go back to Iraq but this is the choice we made and we stand up and do it. As my mother in law put it so elegantly to me when Chris was gone to Iraq last time and I would complain about having to do everything, the kids, sports, house, work, school, family issues she stopped me and said "This is were Cori you have to put your big girl panty's on and do what you got to do to get thru it." Boy did that hit home for me because well that is what Chris has to do in the military. Get up every morning put on the uniform and go to work for pay that is under poverty levels in the civilian world and do what is asked of him. So as I like to complain about the military when I get upset..... we still have a flag to raise everyday. Four healthy children, a roof over our heads, shoes on our feet and food on the table and the blessings of friends and family to help us get thru. So today as Chris test's for Master and all the other men and women who test to make grade pray for them but also say a little Thank You to them too and remember them in your prayers at night. You might not agree with the war and all the issues and right now this year as we lose a president who was handed more trials and tribulations during his time in office and did the best any man could do who sits in that chair day after day, I think opioions should be heard yes, but understanding should be a given.! Ok, now that I can get off my soap box. I never planned to right all this it just came pooring out.
To all those military spouses out there..... yes, I know quite a few over my years..... keep the faith as much as you can and even when you can't stand the military and put it down because of the hardships we have to face daily by living this life remember at least we have a steady pay check every two weeks! It might not be much but its enough to get us threw till next paycheck. Keep the Faith in our country and get out there this Novemeber and VOTE! We are in BIG/HUGE trouble as a military family if Clinton gets in! I remember the last Clinton who did nothing when the towers were first attacked and maybe just maybe could have prevented 911! Not to sure about Obama either but I am listening. He is fresh and has lots of good ideas but I think he might be a little to nieve yet to run our country. I think once he gets in there and see's what the rest of us don't see he might not be able to follow thru on all those promise's he makes. I like him, I am just not sure he is ready yet.... however if given a choice between him and Clinton I would take him anyday hands down! I am also listening Hard to McCain who is a Veteran and a POW of WAR PEOPLE and served his country proudly and fights for higher pay for the military and more benefits for the military and started a foundation to help military families of deployed active duty husbands and wife's and fights for our military children because he knows what its like. I worry where our benefits might go if we don't stand up and say we fought for them, let us keep them. Just my food for thought seems how this is my blog....... Pray for Chris today and God Bless, Cori and Familyxoxo

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